Parenting tips to raise safe and healthy kids

Using Antibiotics the Right Way

Tips for Antibiotics Usage Antibiotics a.k.a antibacterials are drugs used to treat bacterial infections. Antibiotics work against bacteria because they kill these living organisms by stopping

Tips to Overcome Constipation

Constipation is a common problem Constipation is a fairly common problem in children. Up to 30% of children has infrequent bowel movements or hard,dry stools. Thankfully,

Fruit Juice for Children

Is fruit juice good for children? Fruit juices are often marketed as a healthy, natural source of vitamin hence most parents have no qualms serving fruit

What is Baby Jaundice?

Thanks to the opportunity from the Asianparent Malaysia, I encountered several questions regarding baby (newborn) jaundice. What is newborn jaundice? It is the yellowish discolouration of

Myths About Newborn Jaundice

MYTHS about Newborn Jaundice There are many misconceptions linked to jaundice, especially in Malaysia. Here are clarifications to some of the widely-believed jaundice myths. MYTH 1:

Is Your Home a Safe Place?

Is your home a safe place? Due to the Movement Control Order, both adults and children will be spending most of their time at home. Although

What is thirdhand smoke?

Lung Infection among Children When I was still attached to the hospital, I noticed a common similiarity among children who were admitted for lung infection. Almost

What is social distancing?

Practicing social distancing can help in slowing down the spread of COVID-19 With the current surge in COVID-19 cases not only in Malaysia but also in

Paracetamol for Kids

Paracetamol for kids What is Paracetamol? Paracetamol is a typical painkiller for kids. It's frequently used to treat migraines, stomachache, ear infection, and cold side

How to wear a face mask

Types of Face Masks Take a walk outside and you're bound to see people wearing various types of face masks. Face mask such as cloth mask,

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