Parenting tips to raise safe and healthy kids

Common Cold in Children

The surge of the common cold Now that children are back to daycares, pre-schools, and schools, I am starting to see more and more cases of

Say NO to bottle propping

Say NO to bottle propping! Although feeding on a bottle may seem rather simple, but every parent should know how to bottle feed your baby safely.

How to feed a sick child

Feeding a sick child, what parents need to know Have you ever heard of anyone mentioning that you should avoid giving children rice when they are

Cellulitis Skin Infection in Children

A rapidly spreading painful rash called cellulitis Cellulitis is a deep-seated skin infection caused by bacteria such as streptococcus or staphylococcus, which are common bacteria found

Roseola Baby Measles

Have you heard about Sixth Disease (Roseola Infantum)? Sixth disease, also known as roseola infantum, exanthem subitum or commonly as 'baby measles,' has got to be

Diaper rash in children

Diaper Rash in Children Diaper rash is so common that it affects at least 50% of infants. Although it is far from life-threatening, it can cause

Cradle cap baby treatment

Cradle cap, the unwanted accessory! Baby K came to see me for a worsening face rash. Despite his face rash, he was relatively comfortable with no

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