Parenting tips to raise safe and healthy kids

Lymph node in children

Lymph node in children "Doctor, there is a lump on my child's head. Should I be worried?" Almost everyday concerned parents ask me about lumps that are

Why my child has potbelly?

Why does my child have a potbelly? I find babies or young children (toddlers) with potbellies the cutest thing ever! Potbellies in this age group is

Food poisoning from eggs

Food poisoning due to bad eggs Instead of enjoying the Hari Raya celebrations, 99 individuals from 20 families suffered from food poisoning instead, after consuming a

Food Poisoning in Children

Is your child secretly poisoned? Thanks to the MCO, schools are closed and children are stuck at home resulting in fewer numbers of sick children. Surprisingly

Raising Fit and Smart Kids

Five benefits of exercise for your children Exercise and SMART KIDS... are they related? Hello there Mums, Dads, Grandmas & Grandpas, Aunties & Uncles. Welcome to

TDAP vaccination against Pertussis

TDAP Vaccination against Pertussis All primary one students are required to get their vaccinations at the nearest Klinik Kesihatan. The compulsory vaccinations needed are MR (measles,rubella)

First Aid for Burns

Burns in Children Not too long ago, we talked about how burns are common in children due to their curious nature and the lack of awareness.

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